What Gives?

Thank you for stoping by my Placenta Encapsulation blog. This site is for anyone interested in or curious about the benefits of the human placenta, post birth.

 Slowly but surely America is finally awakening to placenta consumption and all of its medicinal benefits. For thousands of years many cultures around the world have been in harmony with the placenta and its continued benefits beyond birth. I have yet to learn of a mammal, other than the modern-day human,  that does not at least taste/ lick the placenta if not eat it entirely after birth.  There are still tribal woman living today who will birth their baby and then eat the just birthed placenta right there on the spot. I am fascinated by people, such as this, who have been living in  tune with their primal instinct for thousands of years. However, I am aware that this mental image could be enough to make some throw up in right in their own mouths. This is where the modern-day act of encapsulation may be a  more suitable option for some. If this still grosses you out then consider a tincture or a salve or hey just plant it under a tree and it will be a very happy one. Did you know that the powerful healing and restorative effects of this amazing organ go beyond serving the baby in utero and the woman in her postpartum and menopausal durations?  Placenta therapies can benefit men, women and children in all stages of life.

This blog will share different placenta recipes, therapies and techniques.

Thanks again for stopping by, 

 Maternally Wise Doula Services and Beyond



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